The Internship Process

For students in our Computer Graphics Technology Bachelors degree, you are required to complete a 200-hour internship experience. Your first stop will be teh Office of Career Services and Professional Development in the School of Engineering and Technology. Located in ET101 or online, the office is set up to aid you in finding internships during your course of study, or jobs after graduation.

This office also offers many resources for resume writing, resume review, and interviewing advice that would be invaluable in your career search, as chance favors the prepared mind. Here are some common questions people have about getting an internship.

 Here from some of our students about their internship experiences.

An internship is a required 200 hour experience. The experience must be within your field (CGT related). All internships must be registered through Career Services prior to starting them. You can learn more and begin the process at:

  • This must be in one of our concentration, certificate or minor areas (animation, motion design, themed entertainment or interactive media
  • It must be done before you graduate
  • You must enroll in the internship course before beginning your internship
  • Internship Experience must be related to your major.
  • Experience must last a minimum of ten weeks and 200 hours. 
  • You must enroll in the course at the same time you are completing your internship experience.

Yes you can! Some employers may prefer to hire you as a fulltime co-op instead of a 200-hour intern. If that is the case talk with us!

To enroll in the internship course, please follow these steps:

Step One: Obtain and accept an internship offer

Step Two: Complete the form located at:

Step Three: Ask your Supervisor to complete the form located at:

After both forms are received, Career Services will review and process them. Student will receive an email that will provide final instructions for enrollment in the internship course.

Step Five: Once you are enrolled, you will be able to view all the assignments in Canvas.

Where do I find an internship?

There are many places you can look to find an internship. You need to remember that is your primary responsibility. We can definitely help and the Office of Student Services can as well but we want you to make the first steps. Consider these opportunities:


Other locations to consider:

Other Tips

Here are a few other tips to consider when finding and preparing yourself for an internship:

Tip 1 - Apply to as many places as possible. Ten, twenty or even thirty places may not cut it. 

Tip 2 - Remember that if you cannot find an internship you may struggle to find a position after graduating. Be diligitant!

Tip 3 - Seek help from your faculty and career counselors. We are there to support you!

Tip 4 - Informational interviews are your friend. These are times where you contact a potential employer and ask for time to learn about their job (not ask for an interview). That time may lead to them asking you if you need an internship at the end.

Tip 5 - Network! Consider joining a local Meetup or an organization such as SIGGRAPH, IAAPA or TEA.