Pawel Nowak - Dice Gaming

We will have a fun student question and answer session with Pawel Nowak from Dice Gaming! Pawel is a former student from Poland who was instructed by IUPUI Professors and worked alongside IUPUI students! Pawel has worked on many AAA games as both a Senior Level Editor Artist and 3D asset creator. Games include Battlefield V and I, Mirror's Edge 2, and the Dying Light franchise. This is a session for students for figuring out the ins and outs of finding work in the games industry as a CG artist. Pawel has a very unique perspective for all students because he has worked on games in Europe and also in teh USA. You can check out his art at

Date and time TBD

Past Events

See a group of IUPUI students present their Warner Bros IP based attraction idea "Animaniacs in Cartoon Chaos" Wednesday night, May 2, at 7pm ET.

If you would like to join the Zoom room and lend support or give direct feedback, contact for the link.

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Dave Durham - Veteran Disney Imagineer

Join us as we spend time with Veteran Disney Imagineer Dave Durham. Dave was the Creative Ride Engineering Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering and has worked at Disney for over 30 years in a number of different divisions including Creative, Production, Ride Engineering and R&D.

Thursday, April 21, 4:00pm EST - Live

Josh Steadman - Director of Production, Unrivaled

Join us as we spend time with Josh Steadman, Creative Director, Designer and Director of Production for Unrivaled. Josh has a history of working for some of the top themed entertainment vendors and companies around the world from the likes of Walt Disney Imagineering, Evermore and Storyland Studios (to name a few).

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Jenny Tod - Creative Director, Owner

Personal Branding


Graphic Design

Jenny Tod brings the expertise of an agency, the vision of an art directorr, and the empathy of an entrepreneur. Her 10 years of creative experience, design acumen, and sensibilites as a leader to inform her studio, her work and her relationships with her clients. As a former high school athlete and current long-distance runner, she knows a thing or two about hard work and determination. Jenny founded Jenny Tod Creative in 2018 and hasn't looked back since.

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Bob Rogers - Founder, BRC Imagination Arts

Bob Rogers, is the founder and Chief Creative Officer for BRC Imagination Arts. He has also moderated the Legends panel for IAAPA for over 20 years. He is one of the most trusted professionals in the themed entertainment industry and shares his wisdom on how students can break into the industry.

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The Future of Themed Entertainment

Theron Skees, Veterin Disney Imagineer & Owner, Designers Creative Studio

Jason Surrell, Unversal Creative

Nathan Naversen, Founder, Themed

Josh Miles‘ and the Obsessed Show podcast

Learn from some of the top industry professionals on the future direction of the themed entertainment industry from those who have been there!

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Jason Bube - Art Director at MSNBC

Join as we spend time with Jason Bube, Art Director for MSNBC as we learn about the use of motion design in news broadcasting and beyond.

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Nate Purkeypile -Veteran Bethesda Environmental Artist

In this interview, Bailey Lester talks to Nate Purkeypile, former environment artist at Bethesda responsible for Diamond City, Blackreach, and other amazing fantastical environments about game development.

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Kraemer Design & Productions

Join CGT Alumni Miranda Shuler as she meets with the team at Kraemer Design & Productions to learn about the art and tech of designing themed exhibits and experiences.

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Shane Trowbridge - Producer, Videographer, Adam Grub Media

Learn the art of video production with industrial advisory board member, Shane Trowbridge.

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Bill Kivi - 3D Artist, Walt Disney Parks

Connect with industrial board member and 3D artist from the likes of Mattel, Sally Ride and the Walt Disney Company, Bill Kivi

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Dan Sawatzky - Founder, Imagination Corporation

Learn the art of themed entertainment from custom crafter and visionary Dan Sawatsky.

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Branden Stall - Video Director, Static Media

Join as we explore motion design, video production and content creation with industrial board member, Branden Stall.

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Rolando DeCastro - Concept Artist

Listen in as CGT student Cade Malinowski sits down with concept artist Rolando DeCastro. 

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Oscar Mar - Freelance GUI and Motion Graphics Artist (EA, Ubisoft, Riot Games)

In this video we host an interview with Oscar Mar, whom has worked on big titles like Skate, Valorant, Splinter Cell, and Watch Dogs.

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