Motion Design

Master the art of motion design!

Learn how you can combine design, animation, special effects and video to create motion design pieces that will persuade and amaze audiences. Take your ideas from inception to completion as you consider color, movement, 2D & 3D visuals and sound. Do you make something for the screen or try your hand at augmented or virtual reality? Do you consider interaction or have the story unfold before their eyes? The choice is yours and we’ll help you get there.

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Description of the video:

The Motion Graphics Design concentration is created to help you learn the power of motion design at the intersection of animation, video production, special effects and graphic design. You’ll start by learning the basic principles of motion design and then move on to building your first project. You’ll learn about taking ideas from inception to creating design boards, storyboards, scripts, style frames and then creating an animatic and the final product. As you move along your motion design journey you’ll learn about more advanced concepts such as character rigging, motion tracking, rotoscoping and the inclusion of 3D modeling. And you’ll learn it all in a tight-knit community with faculty who have the experience to back-up what they teach. So, what are you waiting for? Join us you take your skills to new heights!

Learn the Process

Every project needs a process and motion design is no different. Learn the art of creating motion from premise, to design and storyboard, to style frames, to animatic and then the rough and final edit. Dedicated faculty who have years of industry experience will guide you each step of the way.

A fun and flexible environment

You will learn the 2D and 3D fundamentals of design and communication and how to tell stories in a digital world. Start by learning the basic principles of motion design and how to manipulate objects in a 2D space. When you’ve mastered basic fundamentals you will dig into more advanced concepts like rotoscoping, motion tracking and the art of compositing. What you can create is nothing short of amazing.

Careers in Motion Graphics Design

Animation Specialist


Digital Animator

Motion Designer


Graphic Designer

Special Effects Artists

Video Editor

Faculty & Industry Connections

Learn from dedicated faculty who have been there and know what it takes. We have faculty with over 15 years in the industry as well as industry board professionals to help you in on your journey.

"The motion graphics concentration at IUPUI allows students, like me, to take our design thinking to the next level. We’re given the knowledge and skill set of combining design, animation, and video to uniquely communicate and tell stories. In our courses we explore the technologies and fundamentals of motion design.We learn to take our ideas and bring them to fruition through the motion design process, from creating story boards in the pre-production stage to color grading in post-production,and everything in between. Being in motion graphics has allowed me to take my designs and bring them to life by being able to incorporate movement and other visual elements. I think the knowledge I’ve gained in the motion graphics concentration are invaluable to me because they’ve made me a more multidimensional designer with a broader skill set."

 - Delia Jimenez, Student